Princess Lilibet is becoming ‘latest casualty’ in royal feud

Princess Lilibet is becoming ‘latest casualty’ in royal feud

Princess Lilibet is seemingly getting into the crossfire of the royal feud as her extended family fail to acknowledge her special day.

In her comment piece for, royal expert Daniela Elser pointed out that Princess Lilibet has becomes the “latest casualty in what is, in every sense, a battle royale.”

The young royal turned two on Sunday, June 4th, 2023, but the royal family completely ignored it which for “an unfathomable reason” seemed like a “snub” to the little girl.

“Blanking Archie and Lili on their birthdays makes the remaining HRHs in London look like, what the late Queen Mother might have called, massive knobheads,” opined Elser.

“If William and Kate want to sit for a lengthy BBC interview in which they lay into the Sussexes like George III getting stuck into his usual partridge and champers breakfast tray, they can knock themselves out. However, Archie and Lili should not be caught up in the crossfire here.”

The royal expert lamented over the fact that the Buckingham and Kensington Palace “haven’t simply kept up with their thus far entirely predictable modus operandi of having some lowly social media aide bang out some anodyne Sussex birthday wishes with a balloon emoji slapped onto it.”

However, she added that while Charles, William and Kate have “every right to be about as pissed off at the Sussexes right now” but that should not extend to Archie and Lilibet.

“It would cost them literally nothing in terms of time, money or the effort of having someone remember where they wrote down their Twitter login,” the expert said.

She surmised, “However, the price the royal family could pay reputationally for these snubs is steep and rightly so. Publicly ignoring Archie and Lili just makes them look incredibly petty and vindictive.”

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