Biparjoy: ‘Mobile network could breakdown’ amid heavy rains

Biparjoy: ‘Mobile network could breakdown’ amid heavy rains

KARACHI: As cyclone Biparjoy approaches fast, authorities have warned that telecommunication services could breakdown in the aftermath of heavy rains.

The cyclone, named Biparjoy, is expected to make landfall on Thursday afternoon between Mandvi in Gujarat and Karachi in Pakistan with a maximum sustained wind speed of 125-135km (78-84 miles) per hour, gusting to 150 km (93 miles) per hour.

“There is a risk of mobile network shutting down during the rains,” the Sindh health department said in a statement as authorities evacuate thousands of people from vulnerable areas.

The health department has alerted all medical facilities and doctors, warning people to stay indoors, as 60mm-100mm rains could hit the province.

“Traffic jams may occur on highways due to poor drainage conditions. There are also fears that the roads might be blocked due to rainwater,” the department said.

The department added that people should avoid going near poles and electricity wires. “In emergency situations, people can call 1092.”

Fishermen in the costal belt of the southern areas have been advised against going to sea, and those at sea have been called back.

The National Disaster Management Authority said instructions were being given to take precautionary measures in southern and southeastern parts that may be affected.

“Its (cyclone’s) evolving impact will only be certain with further development of the situation,” the authority said.

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