Pakistani businesswoman nominated for UK-based Global Woman Inspiration Award

Pakistani businesswoman nominated for UK-based Global Woman Inspiration Award

Huma Fakhar, a Pakistani businesswoman, has been nominated for the Global Woman Inspiration Award in the United Kingdom for her work within Pakistan’s business and social sector.

The nominees for the award, organised by the Global Woman Club, were announced on Saturday, while the award itself will take place on July 17 in London.

“Deeply honoured to be nominated for the Global Woman Inspiration Award in the UK,” Fakhar said in a statement, expressing delight at her nomination.

Globally, a total of 12 women have been nominated and will be awarded by Deepak Chopra and Madame Mir Elle. “The nomination is for being an inspiration for my work in Pakistan both as a business person and support in the social sector,” the businesswoman added.

The award category pays tribute to a woman who has inspired and motivated others through her incredible journey, overcoming obstacles and making a positive impact in her community.

Images of nominees for the award. — Supplied
Images of nominees for the award. — Supplied

Thanking her loved ones for their support, she said: “Thank you for the continued support of my family and friends.”

Fakhar is co-authoring Pakistan’s White Revolution Dairy Investments vision ‘Doodh Darya‘, which laid the foundation of corporate dairy farms in Pakistan and empowered more than 500,000 women in the dairy sector.

She has also been encouraging and training entrepreneurship at the school level, especially among girls, in orphanages in Pakistan so they may sustain themselves.

The nominee from Pakistan has been representing the country as a member of India Pakistan, Afghanistan Pakistan, and Malaysia Pakistan Business forums including various Trade Ministerial in Doha, Hong Kong, Mexico and at the White House in the US.

Her work is also being acknowledged for the recently launched circularity fund ‘Green Footprints’ to support startups in circular business models, circular research and development as well as innovation and sustainable supply chains, especially in the food sector.

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