No intention of converting to Islam for now: Sunita Marshall

No intention of converting to Islam for now: Sunita Marshall

Pakistani model and television actor Sunita Marshall has said that she has no intention of “converting to Islam” for now neither she has any pressure from her husband on her in-laws.

Speaking during Nadir Ali’s podcast, the actor said: “There is no pressure on converting to Islam from Hassan or from his family. However, people comment on Instagram but it doesn’t matter to me.”

She said if a person wants to change their religion then they should do it by heart, otherwise, it is useless. When asked if her in-laws have ever pressurised her into converting, Sunita said that no one has ever told her to change her religion, adding that they are all “very good” to her.

Sunita also talked about her family and the faith her kids follow, saying that the couple needs to have an understanding before getting married so it doesn’t create any issues in the future.




“We had taken this decision before our marriage that our kids will follow Islam because I am living with in-laws and they can teach the kids better as their father, grandparents are Muslims.”

She said that there has been a trend these days that the children are told to follow the religion of their choice when they grow up but she didn’t do that.

“It is a cultural thing as well as the kids take their father’s name. My kids recite Quran, offer prayers and fast in Ramadan. I have kept them in one direction or else they would have gotten confused,” Sunita said, adding that she is happy with how everything is going.

When asked how she got married, Sunita replied that both according to Islam and Christianity. “We first had a nikah, and then we had a ceremony at a church.”

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