Former beauty queens encourage young girls to join pageants

Former beauty queens encourage young girls to join pageants

Dr. Kapotaqkhy Chanchala and Areej Choudhry, winners of beauty pageants, on Friday passionately urged the nation’s gifted young girls to participate in such competitions and reflect the nation’s delicate image abroad.

The two beauty queens described the application process, selection process, and rules and restrictions for participating in these events during a news conference at the Karachi Press Club.

While Choudhry, who travelled from Islamabad, is also the winner of a beauty contest and a celebrity, Dr. Chanchala, the reigning Miss Pakistan Universal 2023, just made headlines by winning the pageant.

Both beauty queens were completely open about their experiences throughout the interactive session, which inspired the young, zealous females to broaden their horizons.

Dr. Chanchala explained pageants by stating that Pakistan was involved in practically all global industries, including the pageant industry.

“It serves as a platform for our girls to advocate for their nation around the world. They have the opportunity to speak with their colleagues abroad and share with them how lovely our nation and its people are, “said Dr. Chanchala.

They also discussed the importance of Miss Pakistan World Miss Sonia Ahmed, a Canadian Pakistani of Kuwaiti descent and the founder of Miss Canada Pakistan Inc., emphasising how she persevered in achieving her treasured goal by taking small, steady steps.

The organization’s seamless operation was a difficult endeavour that required constant financial support, according to Dr. Chanchala, also known by her friends as Dr. Kapo. She made an appeal to the business community to step forward and assist their organisation in enhancing Pakistan’s friendly reputation internationally.

Choudhry, who won Miss Pakistan World 2020–21, talked about the title and how it helps to promote a positive image of Pakistan. She also explained the distinction between modelling and competing in pageants. “It wasn’t about showing off, and dresses weren’t necessary. The goal was to represent the nation abroad, “She spoke.

Sonia’s contributions to the pageant industry in terms of Pakistan’s representation received accolades from Choudhry as well. She claimed that Sonia’s pageant was started in 2002 and will continue there through 2019.

“In 2020, it was introduced in Lahore. In order to meet worldwide standards, numerous titles have been introduced since then. In the future, Sonia wants to bring international events to Pakistan “She revealed.

She also praised Dr. Chanchala for persevering in the competition and taking home the crown despite being a psychiatrist.

“Thus, any lady can take part in it, whether she works as a doctor, lawyer, entrepreneur, nurse, anchor, etc., or if she is married or transgender, according to Choudhry.

She emphasised during the press conference that educated females could better represent the nation and urged them to compete in beauty pageants. She continued by saying that prior experience was not necessary to participate.

Choudhry stated that girls who want to compete in a pageant will receive the appropriate training. Nonetheless, it is preferable that the participants be able to communicate and engage with individuals from other countries, thus girls who are fluent in English are favoured.

She continued by saying that every year, over 50 international pageants were held in different parts of the world, and that about 10-15 powerful girls had to volunteer to represent Pakistan in these events “.

Moreover, Choudhry emphasised how pageants were not just about physical beauty but also about presentation, confidence, gait, and intellect. She continued, “Pageant walk is not a catwalk.

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