Pakistani racer Enaam Ahmed finishes top 8 for third time

Pakistani racer Enaam Ahmed finishes top 8 for third time

LONDON/OHIO: Enaam Ahmed, a British-Pakistani who won the Formula F3 championship, fought his way into another top 10 spot in the IndyNXT by Firestone race last weekend, even though he was racing against top drivers.

During the seventh race of the 2023 season at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, the driver also had to deal with a dangerously wet track.

But the track has so many changes in elevation that it looks like a roller coaster. Many American fans camped along the track in tents and trailers to watch the races.

Ahmed started the Mid-Ohio Grand Prix in 11th place and started fighting right away to get to the front. Before the first lap was over, the Pakistani Panther had moved into the top 10 and was looking for more.

Just hours before the race started, it rained heavily, and the track was still wet when Ahmed fought for position at 180 miles per hour.

Even worse for him, a light mist started to fall in the middle of the race, making the track even slippier.

But Ahmed, who was 23 at the time, wasn’t scared of the challenge. He kept trying to get a position every chance he got.

Rasmus Lindh almost pushed him into the wet grass at one point, but he was smart and backed away.

If he had even touched the wet grass next to the track, his specially designed race car would have gotten stuck and he would have lost the race right away.

Ahmed got himself together and was able to pass Lindh a few laps later. He did this by using his unbeatable speed when the race restarted to move up another spot.

Near the end of the race, the track got worse, and even though they were all the best racers in America, several other drivers went off the track and into the grass.

Ahmed was happy to take the places of those who had crashed, and he made sure to keep his Cape Motorsports car on the track.

As the British Formula F3 champion, Ahmed has learned a lot about how to race when it’s cold and raining, and this weekend proved it.

“I took advantage of the first laps after the restarts,” Ahmed said about his plan.

“Every time we had to start over, I passed them. So, it was a good thing. It was slick as hell out there.

“The team is making good changes to the car, but we get to the track too late on the weekends. But that’s just because we don’t know any better. This is Cape Motorsport’s first year in IndyNXT, and we’re up against teams that have been doing this for 10–20 years.

“It’s only a matter of time before we get it right, and I know we can win once we’re in the lead.”

Even though Ahmed is a rookie, he finished in the top eight for the third time this weekend.

He still has half of the 2023 season to show what he can do.

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